Genetic Toxicology /Mutagenicity

Intox offers a dedicated team of scientists with comprehensive expertise in planning and executing validated genetic toxicology in vitro cell-based assays and in vivo assays with the highest standards to meet ICH, OECD, EFSA, FDA and EPA guidelines and testing requirements.

  • In Vitro
    • Bacterial reverse mutation test /ames test
    • Chromosome aberration test
    • Cell gene mutation test /HPRT assay
    • Micronucleus test
    • Dermal absorption
  • In Vivo
    • Micronucleus test in mice/rat (with / without TK)
    • Chromosome aberration test in mice/rat (with / without TK)
  • In Vitro Toxicology
    • In vitro skin corrosion
    • In vitro skin irritation
    • In vitro eye irritation
    • In vitro skin sensitization
    • Phototoxicity
    • In vitro dermal absorption