Environmental Fate

Environmental fate studies communicate the fate and behaviour of chemicals in the environment and contribute to the determination of the risk posed to human and environmental health.

Intox offers a full repertoire of studies across soils, sediments and natural water, thanks to the dedicated facility, high-end precision instrumentation and highly experienced team of scientists specialized in working with new actives which can be poorly soluble, unstable or UVCBs.

  • Transformation (degradation / metabolism / accumulation) in soil and manure
  • Transformation (degradation / metabolism) in water
  • Adsorption on soil and sewage sludge
  • Biodegradability
  • Bioaccumulation and bio concentration
  • Hydrolysis & Photolysis
  • Soil microorganisms: Soil Microorganisms Transformation Test (Nitrogen- OECD 216; Carbon- OECD 217)