Metabolism Studies

Determination of the behaviour of a test item and the nature of residues in animals and plants can help in understanding the potential for human dietary exposure. Intox offers GLP-compliant studies ranging from preliminary tests to determining the uptake of 14C radiolabelled agrochemicals and metabolite profiles. The analytical part of these studies is performed at our in-house analytical laboratories. Interpreting the structure of novel metabolites is often challenging. Total radioactive residue, extractions, matrix clean-up, isolations, and characterization/radio profiling of the incurred residues are performed by expert and experienced chemists with exceptional care and quality.

  • Rodent (Rat)-OPPTS: 870.7485
  • Livestock (Goat/Hen)- OECD 503
  • Fish (Rainbow trout/Carp)– OECD 305