The Ministry of agriculture and farmers welfare on February 23, 2021 has issued fertilizer (inorganic, organic or mixed) (control) amendment order, 2021 to further amend the fertiliser (inorganic, organic or mixed) (control) order, 1985.

Any new biostimulant product must be included in schedule VI of the regulations.
Intox supports registration of biostumulants by conducting following studies.

  • Chemistry
    • Source product specification
    • Method of analysis
    • Shelf-life
  • Toxicity (acute)
    • Oral rat
    • Dermal rat
    • Inhalation rat
    • Primary skin irritation (rabbit)
    • Eye irritation (rabbit)
    • Bird
    • Freshwater fish
    • Honeybee
    • Earthworm
  • Heavy metal (6) analysis report
    • No biostimulant shall contain heavy metals content over and above the maximum limit prescribed for various metals

If the product is already on the Indian market, the provisional certificate will allow manufacturer / importer to continue on the market for two-year. During these two years testing must be done to obtain the data requirements.