Experienced GLP compliant
preclinical testing partner for
conducting safety assessment
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Expertise in executing genetic
toxicology in vitro and in vivo
cell-based assays
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Intox offers a full range of non-clinical in vivo and in vitro GLP and non-GLP research services to assess the safety profile of your molecules. With over 25 years of experience supporting diverse industries such as pharmaceuticals, biopharmaceuticals including vaccines, nutraceuticals, crop protection, industrial chemicals and medical devices, Intox team ensures quality data generation for key decision making and to meet global registration requirements.


General and Reproduction Toxicology

GLP complaint preclinical testing partner with over 25 years of experience in conducting safety assessment studies.

Safety Pharmacology

CNS, Respiratory in Rodents and CVS in Telemetered Dogs.

Genetic Toxicology / Mutagenicity

Ames, Mammalian Cell Gene Mutation, In vitro Chromosomal Aberration and Micronucleus.