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Join Intox at The Society of Toxicology’s 63rd Annual Meeting – Featuring Poster Presentation and Exciting Raffle!
  10 -14 March, 2024
  Salt Lake City
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Intox is thrilled to be a part of “The Society of Toxicology’s 63rd Annual Meeting,” a gathering of over 5000 professionals dedicated to advancing the science and technology in the field of toxicology. We look forward to connecting with you at the event to discuss how Intox can support your journey in vaccine development and crop protection solutions.

Intox: Your Trusted Preclinical Safety Assessment Partner

As an OECD GLP-certified preclinical safety assessment service provider with over 25 years of expertise, Intox has conducted 17,000+ GLP studies for various industries, including pharmaceuticals, bio-pharmaceuticals, medical devices, agrochemicals, industrial chemicals, nutraceuticals, dietary supplements, cosmetics, and more.

Leaders in Nonclinical Vaccine Research

Intox is a trusted partner for vaccine discovery and development for over 15 years. Our highly skilled teams provide support from in-vitro and in vivo studies to toxicology and bioanalytical services.
Our work includes recent mRNA and recombinant protein vaccines, as well as traditional types such as live-attenuated and killed vaccines. 

Agrochemical Solutions for Sustainable Crop Protection

For over two decades, Intox has been supporting agrochemicals at different testing stages, offering end-to-end solutions for active ingredients, final products, technical grades, formulated products, and combined Insecticides & Bio-Pesticides services. Our extensive capabilities include Mammalian & Genetic Toxicology, Carcinogenicity, Chronic Toxicology, Special Toxicology Studies, Alternatives to Animal Studies, DART Studies, Eco-Toxicology Studies, Endocrine Disruptor Testing, Environmental Fate Studies, Analytical Chemistry Support Services, Physico-Chemical Properties, and Five-Batch Analysis.

Discover the Intox Advantage:

  • OECD GLP compliant and AAALAC Accredited Facilities
  • Board-certified toxicologists and pathologists
  • Comprehensive vaccine studies, including acute and chronic toxicology and reproductive toxicology
  • Expertise in live attenuated, recombinant, nucleic acid, and VLP vaccines
  • Accepted data by global regulatory agencies

Poster Presentation

Topic – “The incidence of lung and spleen tumors in positive control groups of Tg.rasH2 mice sourced from CLEA, Japan, and treated at a lower dose of urethane”

Abstract – The present study demonstrated comparability of carcinogenic potential of urethane in Tg.rasH2 mice sourced from two breeding facilities namelyTaconic and CLEA. The lowered dose of urethane caused absence of any overt clinical signs of toxicity. Moreover, despite a lowered dose of urethane the incidence of splenic hemangiosarcomas observed in mice sourced from CLEA was found to be increased.


Dr. Narendra S Deshmukh, Director

Dr. Girish Joshi, Vice President and Business Head

Meet our experts

Dr. Narendra S Deshmukh


Dr. Girish Joshi

Vice President and Business Head

Jessica Humphreys

Director, Business Development, Aragen Life Sciences

Daniel Mason

Associate Director, Business Development, Aragen Life Sciences

Sonam Sharma

Associate Director, Business Development, Aragen Life Sciences


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